The art of giving is an aspect of energetic choreography that in its essence conceals alchemical moments. How do you give? In your intimate relationship, in business relations, in your friendships, in parenting, to nature, how do you give to yourself? Yes, surely you do, but the question is how. Do you consciously observe the process of giving, do you fall into the bewitched cycle of polarity where you cannot deliver the original aspect of giving?

When you give from the position of a victim, who has to give in order to feel more compact or if you give from a position of subtle aggression or obligation because you feel that you have to, or if you give from the aspect of a compromise then you certainly do not use the power of giving of your abundant original self.

In your potential, you have all the resources to be the artist of giving. Like any artist, you have the talent but it is necessary to work on it. When we give freely, openly, from our hearts, without expecting to get back, and without a perception filter that distorts the power of the original giving, then you can feel the delicacy of the abundance because at the moment you give, you feel that you have received. You must have given something to someone from your heart, without expecting to get back – sweetness and tenderness, the flow of the energy of giving is clear abundance which reveals all the beauty of the energy of giving.

Once you feel the high-vibrant field of giving, which is repaid to you through pleasure, then you are aware of the artist in you. And the artist fosters art because he witnesses the beauty of creation. For example, when you give pleasure to your partner, at the same time you feel the receiving of that pleasure. Mutually you increase the pleasure and the abundance of your intimate relationship and in every conscious interaction you reveal the authenticity of the relationship with your partner. The same principle works through all relationships with people around you.

You are connected to higher vibrations that bring you back inward to our inner, authentic SELF, the original being, the spirit… In such a highly vibratory intimate relationships, we can create a pleasure of a higher vibration that has the ability to expand consciousness, heal and purify mental programs. It is also important to nurture the art of giving to yourself, for by this you are expanding consciousness. The level of virtuosity in the process of giving is influenced by your subconscious patterns and it is essential to observe the existing patterns of behavior and adjust mental codes to the artist in you, your original self.

Author: Ana Hart, certified coach.

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