Reset to Original and code your Original life! Learn how on a free webinar!

Life is simple if you allow it! Experiencing pleasure, joy, happiness, abundance … are the codes of your original mind! You are the programmer and the user!

So, turn on the code of a conscious change in your life and from the comfort of your chair, sign up for a free webinar Reset2Original because you will gain powerful knowledge that will empower your transformation, awaken abundance and engage the potentials of your original mind.

Consciously manage the resources of your original nature and use the webinar to:

  • find out about the anatomy of the perception model through which you experience the world around you,
  • learn how your mind function,
  • learn how to activate the latent intelligences of your originality,
  • consciously redesign your energetics…

During webinar you will learn new practical techniques that will support the change in your life and tuning up with your original nature. The content of the webinar in .ppt file and audio will be sent to you afterwards.

The webinar lasts for 1 – 1:15 h depending on the interaction and your questions at the end of the webinar.

Webinar author and the host: Ana Hart, certified coach!

Connect to the Original zone and your Original Self!

You can pre-register and book your seat via available Google Form!

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