Original Code E&T

Thoughtfully designed Educational blocks to Transform your ecosystem
Original Code E&T system of education is based on recent scientific discoveries in the area of mind management, relations, emotions, psycho-physical states, and pristine knowledge systems.

Original Code E&T educational blocks structure

Original Self

is aimed at understanding the functioning of personal resources and tuning with your original nature. Continuous education expands your knowledge, the effectiveness of which can be practically tested and consequently actively and easily integrated into your own life. The combination of pristine and modern knowledge of neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, morphogenetics, communicology… holistically blends the basis for understanding the functioning of your own system, which opens the door to the conscious implementation your original potentials. Explore the program through our free intro webinar Reset2Original.

Original Intimate

is focused to empower intimacy zone through understanding your inner self and your mental maps regarding sexuality, relations and intimacy. Webinar Takes2toTango and available workshops are designed to explore your zone of intimacy. The Original Intimate program blends with Original Self education system.

Original Business

Code your business according to the original potential. A set of well-formed education building blocks focuses on the development of smaller and larger business systems, original leaders and teams, and the nurturing of a constructive communication zone that strengthens the understanding of personal responsibility and deepens the concept of team responsibility. Original business coaching takes place periodically. It is possible even to customize Original Business program according to your company’s needs. Schedule meeting via design@originalcode.net