MindFit training authors and presenters

Ana Hart

Certified coach with more than 15 years of work experience in communication, promotion and strategic business development. She has transformed years of studying ancient knowledge systems, mind management, and recent scientific discoveries into her own calling and started Original Code, a training system and a portal for conscious expansion.

She acquired business knowledge in various large, global business systems and non-profit organizations in the area of operative and strategic management. In 2009 she founded her company, which provided strategy development, marketing and PR activities to companies in different markets and also cooperated with politicians and famous people, from musicians and artists to business professionals.

As an entrepreneur, she worked with small and large systems from different industries and noticed behavioral patterns, both in personal and business relations, that affect life circumstances. She decided to broaden her formal, experiential and professional knowledge. She has attended seminars in the area of personal development, how mind operates, communication and intimate relationships. She enrolled and successfully completed the four-year coaching program of In Optimum Academy to extend her knowledge and skills, with the aim of conscious expansion. She has a master’s degree in economics, and has completed the Executive MBA program.

She specializes in personal and system potential development. She has also created her own training and education system. Moreover, she is the founder and editor of Original Code, a portal for conscious expansion.

Connect with Ana via LinkedIn, social networks (Facebook and Instagram) or explore development programs and trainings via Original Code portal, or just send her an email via design@originalcode.net.

Ivana Song

Founder of Mind JuMp education for personal development, certified coach and intervenor for deafblind persons.

For the last ten years Ivana devoted herself to personal development going through coaching academy, numerous seminars and courses. She turned her passion  for personal development into a calling.  In her practice she collaborates with leading people from the world of sports, economy and art helping them to achieve their goals.

Through Ivana’s leadership and various techniques, exercises and processes client finds new resources and solutions, recognizes their own potential which helps them to tackle everyday challenges and change their lives.

She is the founder and lecturer of Mind JuMp education for personal development, which facilitates the process of transforming life circumstances by using a combination of the latest insights in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, communication science, memetics, epigenetics and ancient knowledge. She’s the author of numerous articles on the topic of personal development.

Ivana is also an intervenor for deafblind persons which gives her additional understanding of people and their individual needs. As an advocate for the hearing impaired and the deafblind persons she volunteers at the alliance of deafblind persons Dodir, where she learned Croatian Sign Language.

Contact Ivana on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and mindjump.co.