MindFit training for Expats in Zagreb


Train your mind, body, relax and have fun

Innovative – Transformational – Inspiring

MindFit training benefits:

> efficient stress management

> increases focus and motivation

> increases concentration and productivity

> contributes to the development of creativity and innovation

> encourages the development of awareness and activation of latent intelligences

> enhances interpersonal and communication skills

> enhances socio-emotional skills and cognitive abilities

> develops the skills of conscious leaders

> provides a deep understanding of personal responsibility

> enhances mental abilities …

Join us on 19th March, 5:30 pm, Češki dom (Czech home), Zagreb

Theme of the first training: The Mind and the body

Sneek peak into MindFit training for Expats in Zagreb

MindFit is a carefully designed training based on profound scientific knowledge in the field of mind management, relationships, emotions and psychophysical states. MindFit enhances functioning of personal resources and understanding of your own behavioral patterns, habits and belief systems that affect the quality of daily life.


Dear Expats, we are sure that you’ll find MindFit training inspiring and supportive to your community in Zagreb where you can share your experiences with your fellow Expats, as well.
Understanding of how your mind works helps you to live a life filled with satisfaction, happiness and healthy psychophysical states, which in turn creates a comfortable environment for families, work, better collaboration and systematic achievement of superior results.



If you want to raise the quality of life and advance your career or have a more harmonious relationships MindFit training is for you. Getting to know how your mind works, understanding your behavioral patterns helps you to enhance and easily manage all aspects of life.

Welcome to MindFit training for Expats in Zagreb!

MindFit training – program structure

Theme lecture – every training different topic

Focused on understanding how mind works, emotional and psychophysical states, communication processes, stress management…

Mindfulness movement 

Integrating and understanding body intelligence – teaching your body and mind how to cope with business and life challenges more easily, simply by mindful body motion

Mindful relax

Techniques for the revitalization of your body and mind, which affects productivity, concentration, efficient stress management…

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. – J. F. Kennedy

MindFit program authors and presenters are Ana Hart and Ivana Song.


Dear Expats in Zagreb, join us at MindFit training and experience tremendous joy!


Where: MindFit training is held once a month at Češki dom (Češka beseda/Czech home), Šubićeva 20, 1st floor, Zagreb

When: March 5th, 5:30 pm – 8 pm

Theme of the first training: The mind and the body

Bring with you mat and light blanket, comfortable sportswear and warm socks.


Investment: 300 kn/monthly

If you by any chance do not like or benefit from the training, money back is guaranteed!

For any additional questions send us an e-mail at design@originalcode.net


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