How do you receive in your life? Do you know how to receive or do you find it difficult? How do you receive other people’s support, do you have a perceptual filter that destroys high vibration? Is your attitude towards receiving, I need/request to receive, an infantile attitude declaring you as a person who has been imprisoned in a specific mental pattern of a small child followed by the temper tantrum emotional state? Do you classify the energy you receive? These are all moments that affect the receptivity and the level of the vibration of receiving.

The fact is that it is common to receive, but it often happens that you wish to receive, but everyday situations testify that you do not receive or that you are not open to receiving, from love, pleasure to touch, money….

The code on how to receive and whether you are receptive to high vibration of receiving is stored in your subconscious program created at your early age and replicated, confirmed to your consciousness, by a variety of life experiences.

The subconscious program of receiving affects the way you receive, what you want and what you do not want to receive, how receptive you are to receive… it even contains emotional, cognitive, semantic, visual, auditory… and similar triggers that that significantly define your process of receiving.

What exactly does that mean?

In practice, this means that if your system learned to receive love with a certain type of tension then the course of receiving love will include the tension. It is precisely this concept that gives sense to the expression love hurts or one has to fought for love… Or you can only receive attention from a person who is, for example, compatible with a certain visual frame stored in your subconscious program. Which of course is not a universal truth because the energy of love has a much broader context than the one which is attributed to it by only a fragment of your programmed subconscious mind.

With every action of an aware or at least a more aware receiving, you deepen the vibration of your receiving. By doing so, you are adjusting to the vibration of your original nature and you are more aware of the fact that you can impact your receiving process. To initiate the action of conscious receiving, you need to change patterns of behavior and transform subconscious programs, because in that way you are adjusting to the abundance that is embedded in the code of your original nature.

The high vibration of receiving includes giving, because by receiving you support, i.e., you accept the person you received from when, for example, you receive a touch which is particularly pronounced in the intimate relationship. At the moment your partner embraces you he/she knows whether or not he/she is or is not welcome, at least on a deeper subconscious level which can be ignored or accepted. Partners who cultivate their relationship and conscious expansion and understand and openly communicate about why receiving a contact at a certain point is not welcome, understand the depth and the context and are more aware of the process of giving and receiving. The touch can be welcomed for a variety of reasons, originally, without distortion or through a program that says you are not safe, so you need protection and attention. There are various options, and it is up to you, if you want to, to explore the depth that generates such a life expression.

A conscious approach and understanding as well as the transformation of receiving patterns and giving improves relationships in a great measure, and it starts with simple applications. To start, look at your own patterns and start actions – be vigilant, present in the interaction with your partner and open deeper spheres of communication. Even if in a way of – I’m sorry, I’m not present at the moment and I’m not able to focus on our interaction (whatever you’re doing at that moment), I’d be happy to be isolated, I’ll be in my space and join you later… Of course, communication intensifies with the mutual understanding that you do not take anything personally because it is a current state of consciousness that is somewhat narrower at that point. The same principle, with a semantic, cognitive and emotional adaptation, applies in all relationships. Be creative, start transforming the process of receiving and giving!

Author: Ana Hart, certified coach.

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