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Original Code E&T system

A set of carefully formatted Educational building blocks with the basic purpose to Transform a living ecosystem and a continuous conscious expansion.

Original Code E&T system of education is based on recent scientific discoveries in the area of mind management, relations, emotions, psycho-physical states, and pristine knowledge systems.


Reset2Original webinar

Reset to Original and code your Original life! Learn how on a free webinar!


A methodology that allows you to objectively observe life situations and provide an effective transformation tool to initiate profound changes in your life and the achievement of set goals.

Cooperating with the coach, consciously and neutrally, you communicate with the subconscious mind structures, affecting your life experiences, perception, emotional and psychophysical conditions, and defining and reprograming new realities in accordance with your original nature.


Elevate 3S workshop

Elevate your intimacy – workshop program coming soon! Stay tuned!