Coaching is a methodology that allows you to objectively observe life situations and provide an effective transformation tool to initiate profound changes in your life and the achievement of set goals.
Cooperating with the coach, consciously and neutrally, you communicate with the subconscious mind structures, affecting your life experiences, perception, emotional and psychophysical conditions, and defining and reprograming new realities in accordance with your original nature. Coaching supports you to observe your own life from the different angle, allowing you to tune your system for pleasure, delight, happiness, simplicity in achieving your goals, abundant life and empowered life experiences.
We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. – says Albert Einstein, and with the coaching process you position yourself to resolve any life situation independently. Understanding identities and subconscious beliefs, patterns of behavior, habits and outcomes through the coaching process, you thoroughly change the perception of your own power, self-confidence, security, responsibility, independence, and increase the awareness of the internal locus of control.

When to use coaching?

Utilize coaching for conscious expansion through all spheres of life – from improved business, intimate, family and social relationships to strengthening financial power and improving communication with the environment. The most important aspect of coaching is to elevate the inner sense of power that supports your generative principle and focused personal expansion. Coaching for couples is designed to boost individual sense of self and to create zone of conscious expansion of your relationship. Appointments are agreed with both partners and are processed through individual and couple encounters. Business coaching is recommended for personal or team expansion. The framework and coaching program are agreed in the initial cooperation phase.

Coaching process

Coaching starts with an introductory interview where you agree on a framework for cooperation, subject, course and process dynamics. The basis for cooperation is trust, open communication and mutual understanding. It is important to emphasize that the coaching framework can also include additional techniques and exercises in everyday life to strengthen the integration of new changes. The power of the coaching methodology is to understand that the process, independent of the presence of a coach, is an independent action to change your own life, which you will already be aware of through the first activities. A coaching session lasts for 60 minutes and depending on the degree of change and goals you want to integrate, the number of interactions with the coach can vary. That is why it is important to apply the additional techniques and exercises that the coach will agree with you. The coaching process is confidential and takes place primarily via Skype or other available online communication tools and personal meetings depending on the geographic position. Coaching is led by: Ana Hart.